Repair Silhouette, Duette, Wood Blind, Roman Shade, Honeycomb
Restring Broken Cords Blind Shade, Fix Tilt Gear
Blind Shade Repair
Restring Broken, Damaged Cords
Fix Tilt Gear, Cord Lock, Cordloop
Don't let a Crooked Blind RUINED your beautiful view!

Have you ever thought of trying to do the  blind repair yourself?  We certainly did!  By the time we figure out the hundred
different blind parts, different configurations, pay for the wrong parts, pay for shipping and then pay for returned shipping,
spend 2 days of frustration, we thought "There must be an easier way".  And Yes, CleanersToYourDoor Blinds Repair
Department was born. We:
  • Go thru the training to be Certified (so your blinds will be fixed properly & quickly)
  • Provide FREE Return Shipping  (so you don't have to drive around figuring out who's the most affordable, reliable
  • Provide FREE Tall Shipping Box (so you don't have to drive the entire city to find such specialty size box and pay a hefty
    price for it)
  • Provide  FREE Packing List, Polybag, Twist Ties, Padding.... (so your blinds will be tightly & securely packed)
  • Insure your blinds up to $500 after repair (so you are at peace knowing your investment is covered)

What are you waiting for? Trust us, Certified Fabricare Specialist and Certified Hunter
Douglas Installer to fix your broken blinds and shades

Cleaners To Your Door introduces a revolutionary way to clean your window coverings.  
  • How do you like the idea of having NO Questionable STRANGERS messing around your home?  
  • How about STOP WORRY about  whether your cleaners would be on time or worse yet a No Show?
Our solutions: Ship your precious blinds to us. It will be cleaned and repaired by a team of Certified Experts.  Your
Window Coverings will be taken care of by the best professionals in the nation, while YOU have complete control of your
Time, Privacy and Peace of Mind.

Trust our Certfified  Experts to repair your blinds and shades for you at affordable prices. You can
  1. Drop them off at 5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 for repair
  2. OR Call (408) 910-6695 to schedule an InHome Repair if you are in San Jose - San Francisco
    Bay are
  3. OR Ship Your Blinds & Shades to us for repair.  Click HERE for Free Shipping.

Our company goal is NOT to be the biggest.  We would like to remembered as Your Best Blind Repair Co, the type of
company you would love to spread good words to your friends and family.  If you think there's a better way to improve our
customers' experience, YOU, we appreciate your feedback.  Please email us at: support
To Repair your Blinds, Shade, CLICK HERE
restring duette, honeycomb, cordloop, honeycomb
Honeycomb, Duette, Cellular Shade Repair

Honeycomb shades come in : single, double cell or pleated. Their most common repairs are:
  1. Re-stringing damaged, broken, frayed cords
  2. Replace damaged cord loop
  3. Replace worn out  cord guides, cord-locks
  4. Replace damaged clutch unit.
  5. Repair split-open cells that are de-glued due to sun damage
restring cords wood blind, fix tear gear
Wood Blind  & Mini Blind Repair

Two-inch window blinds are available in wood, composite wood, faux wood, and aluminum. Similarly to
mini blinds, the more common repairs are:
  1. Re-stringing damaged Cords
  2. Replace non-responsive Tilt Gear or Missing Wand
  3. Repair or Replace broken ladder, ladder cotton tapes that hold the slats in place,
  4. Replace  tape barrels, drums inside the headrail
  5. Replace bent or damaged slats
restring, repair roman shade, vignette
Roman Shade, Vignette Repair

Gracefully stacked to create  depth and style. Roman Shades most common repair are:
  1. Restring Damaged Cords
  2. Replace Clutch or Damaged Lining Due to sun exposure
  3. Replace Broken or Missing Rings
  4. Replace broken cord guide and cord lock

We Repair Blinds, Shades, Restring Cords.

To Repair your Blinds, Shade, CLICK HERE
The most common problems with blinds & shades are:
  • Worn out cords
  • Broken tilting mechanism or tilt gear
  • Broken parts in the headrails
  • Sun-damaged fabric, cloth tapes or ladders

The investment in your window fashions is likely to be substantial.  As Certified Hunter Douglas Installer, we understand the
many nuances of this specialty  cleaning & repair. From the standard Cord Lock  type to the advanced Remote Control shades,
we'll take care of the of the broken parts so you can enjoy the gorgeous outdoor views.  
We repair blinds & shades of these popular brands::
Hunter Douglas,  Graber/Springs  Bali, Kirsch , Levolor, Spring Window Fashions, Timberblinds ,
Nanik  Comfortex, Kensington , Verosol , Smith & Noble, Pella, Louverdrape , Alta,  Delmar  M&B
Window Covering, Prestige Window Fashions,  Mark Window Coverings,  Skandia Window
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Graber/Springs  Bali
  • Kirsch , Levolor  
  • Timberblinds  
  • Nanik  Comfortex
  • Kensington  
  • Verosol  
  • Smith & Noble  
  • Louverdrape  
  • Alta,  Delmar  M&B Window Covering  
Prestige Window Fashions  Mark Window Coverings  Skandia Window Fashions  
To Repair your Blinds, Shade, CLICK HERE
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Cleaners To Your Door
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